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We are teaming up with our mate, Steve Sammartino, to make a series of films. We can't wait to share with you what we're making.

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Future Sandwich at Pausefest

It was a pleasure to take the main stage at Pausefest, and host a live episode of Future Sandwich. Who better to discuss the Future Of News than with;
Michael Short, Editorial Director of The Age
Sophie Black, ABC Screen Time, and The Wheeler Centre
Nic Hodges, Director of Innovation for Foxtel, Blonde3.


We followed the familiar Future Sandwich Live format of the guests holding Agree and Disagreeing signs for a handful of statements.

The full recording of the show will be released shortly, but some of the main insights to come from the chat;
- Facebook was definitively defined as a media company, not a tech company.
- There were mixed opinions on whether technology can solve #FakeNews
- The Blockchain won't shift the fortunes of News and Media in the short term.

The preview episode with Nic Hodges can be listened to now below.


Introducing Future Sandwich Sessions

I've teamed up with Future Sandwich favourite, Author, and Futurist, Steve Sammartino. 

We have a range of workshops that are designed to help you;
1. Understand trends impacting your business
2. Define which problems you can go after
3. Map out ideas that attack that problem

Instead of reading more about it here, let's grab coffee or a cold one and hatch a plan.